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Demon Bonds - Psy Demons Series

“If I have to travel halfway across the planet, I will come for you. If I have to decimate an entire army, I will come for you. If I get my limbs sliced off and I have to crawl, I will come for you. That is non-negotiable.”

Ginny Blackwell and her brother live as slaves to humans until the night she gains her psychic demon power and uses it to take their freedom. Despite her raging power, Ginny wants nothing more than to live a normal life with her brother, a husband and a family. Jerry, a human man shrouded in secrets, sweeps into her life. He promises her everything she wants — protection, love and a home. The trouble is she already bonded herself to the demon Gabriel when she couldn’t control her abilities.

While each day Jerry shows her an ideal life on his New England estate each night, Gabriel seduces her in a secret garden and teaches her everything she never wanted to know about being a demon. Being taken care of sounds good in theory, but Ginny isn’t willing to give up on freedom. She’ll have to learn how to fight and decide who is worthy of her trust and her heart.

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