Dealing With Death

Yesterday, my aunt Estel died. We live in different countries and I haven’t seen her in three years. Mostly, she’s a ghost from my childhood. I have a picture in my mind of her smiling in a classroom wearing a yellow skirt and a white silky shirt, her hair cut short. I remember when she was young and vibrant and that I was the flower girl at her wedding. I remember she crocheted a skirt that I loved and could never hope to reproduce. I also remember that she’s been sick for a year and I made no effort to … Continue reading

In Love With A Monster

I Heart Monsters

Monsters were taboo in my childhood home. They reflected the aspects of humanity that my parent’s generation much preferred we hid in chests locked inside closets in the dark recesses of our souls. The double-edged sword of positivity cut through many of the difficulties of inter-human relationships and isolated a part of me at the same time. To the world, we should show our good qualities, how smart we are, how kind, how talented, but speak and act with humility. It’s frankly a trick I seldom managed. That chest and that closet burst open when I left my childhood home … Continue reading

Memorial Day – Grateful, Just Grateful

Today, like so many others, I spent the day outside. I sat on a deck on top of a sixteen story building with a view of New York City and a heated pool while the wind whipped at my hair and took the sun of the sun away. My mom, my brother, my step sons and grand daughter enjoyed our time together. This morning, I hosted breakfast for my siblings, the first time in a few months that the four of us have been together. We talked about the future, confident that we stand a good chance to see our … Continue reading

The Vision of Big Fish

I just saw the movie, Big Fish, about a young man on the cusp of fatherhood trying to understand his own father, see the real being beneath the fantastical stories he’s told. When I first saw the movie, I was a teenager and saw a man dealing with death and illness. Back then, I thought it was sad and I cried for him (because I’m the kind of sap who cries at movies). Now, I think it’s beautiful how one man lives his life and dies, leaving another to carry on. I get a sense of renewal and I’m glad … Continue reading

I Believe Most People Are Good, Here’s Why


The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me … Our lives are filled with nice things that we often overlook. I can’t remember my mother going through 22 hours of labor, but that was a pretty nice thing to do. I can only remember bits and pieces of my grandmother babysitting me as a child. I don’t remember my dad taking me to see Superman at the old theater in San Juan on Tuesdays but it happened, and as a resultI LOVE Superman and super heroes. Then there’s the little things you never know about but that add up … Continue reading

Photography Monday – Renewal and Blossoms in NYC

Margarita Matos - Blossoms in NYC

Beauty is at every corner of the world, even when it’s surrounded by not-so-pretty things. I love photography because if you zoom in on some things enough, you see only the beautiful. Sometimes in unexpected places. It’s Spring in New York City, a particularly beautiful time. Blossoms have sprung throughout the city. Enjoy the picture of this wonderful time in the city. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Photography Monday Message – No Night Lasts Forever


I was sad and upset this morning. I cried in my living room for a good few minutes, then I looked out the window. And it was like a shroud of peace fell over me. I looked at this and I remembered that no matter how sad I may be, no matter how bleak things may seem, as long as there are more days, the sun will continue to rise. And so will I. Enjoy your Monday and your week.   Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Shaq on Photography Monday

This weekend I got out to a family outing that is over an hour away. My sister-in-law and I started talking about what it means to get out after the brutal winter we’ve had in the North East. She showed me this picture. She got out of her house to walk around the city. She went into a venue and found Shaq writing autographs, took a picture. It reminded me that unless we are out and about interacting with people, we won’t bump into anyone or anything. Sometimes it’s Shaq writing autographs. Sometimes it’s a business opportunity. Sometimes it’s a friend … Continue reading

Why, Why, Why

It’s easy to lose sight of WHY we do things but I think it’s probably one of the more important question we can ever ask ourselves. Anyway, I was feeling a little lost last weekend. I put out a book and I’m spending way more time around the distribution, setup, and initial promoting of that book then I am in writing the next one. Don’t get me wrong, I’m 51% through the second one and only about a week behind schedule but my schedule wasn’t that aggressive to begin with. I’m disappointed in myself and I’m wondering if I’m losing … Continue reading

Beauty on Photography Monday

Change comes from within, from a desire strong enough that it drives us to redefine ourselves and our truths. Each day, when I wake up, I try to take note of something beautiful. I took this picture of mid-town at sunrise last week. It made me think that each morning is a fresh start, a new beginning full of possibilities (like being young and hopeful all over again). We don’t always know what the day brings, but the way we see it might just change how it goes. I hope it brings a smile to your Monday.   Follow my blog … Continue reading

Authors in Bloom Blog Hop: Recipe and Amazon Giftcard Giveway

Authors in Bloom

Wednesday was the day the stuff I didn’t get done early in the week caught up to the stuff I wouldn’t be able to get to later in the week. At the end of the day, I didn’t have much time left over for cooking. I didn’t get home until almost nine. I had the challenge of making dinner in fifteen minutes without resorting to chicken fingers (which my kids ate on Tuesday). So… I came up with Salmon and Salad. It took twelve minutes to cook and saved my awesome mommy rep. Here’s how I did it. Follow my blog … Continue reading

Beauty, Hope and Recovery on Photography Monday


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When we look upon a face, we not only see that face but everything we’ve ever felt while gazing upon it. When I look at a view of New York, I see home. In other places, I see comfort, love, wonder. Some I covet, like a hotel room in Paris or a chocolate ganache cake. Each picture says something different to each of us. The picture of the Freedom Tower below, I think, means a lot of things to a lot of us. It reminds me of hope and of recovery and … Continue reading

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

One doesn’t succeed at life, one enjoys the journey. Life is not a race because every life ends the same way and I’m not in a hurry to get there. It is a journey and how we traverse it matters. The choices we make matter. What we tell ourselves about those choices matter. We seldom make choices for a single reason. The reason I choose focus on will affect the little things about how I handle work. I could tell myself any of the following stories (both negative and positive): I do it because I’m afraid of what it means to be … Continue reading